Top 10 Scariest ThingsCaught on Tape

In the first part of our series, we looked at some of the most disturbing and disgusting things caught on tape. But how about some of the other types of behaviors that people engaged in when caught on tape? Some people are able to get away with things that we might not approve of, or would think twice about doing if we saw it. Here are a few of those types of things.

Hair pulling is often the first thing that comes to mind when someone is caught on tape pulling out their own hair. Hair pulling is a particularly disturbing behavior because we often associate hair pulling with children, and we all know that children can be very touchy and sensitive about the way they look. Kids do this so that they can look better in front of their peers. The truth is that hair pulling is much more common than many people realize. Sometimes, children will pull their own hair out when they are embarrassed or are just upset over something. This is a relatively harmless form of self-mutilation and should not be treated as a form of child abuse.

Another type of lewd behavior that is frequently caught on tape is fondling. This behavior is much more commonplace than most people realize, and it is definitely not a new phenomenon. It is probably more common than most people realize because children and teenagers are often willing to show off to others for attention. However, most adults are quick to jump to the conclusion that a child has just been fondled and assume that it was inappropriate. While most fondles don’t last long enough to warrant charges, there are still things that can happen to a child through fondling that could be very detrimental to their psyche. Many fondles are unwanted, but there are many examples of what can happen if a child is caught. It is important that we look out for signs of inappropriate touching and make sure that we are aware of the behaviors that we are uncomfortable with.