Z Nation Season 4

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Trying to guard Murphy, he’s murdered and turned into a zombie by Priest Jacob and his Resurrection Cult. He is mercied by Warren, his second-in-command, and at that time, his girlfriend. 10K, typically called “The Kid” by Doc, is the youngest member of the Westward-bound survivor group. In the season 1 finale, his real name was revealed to be “Tommy”. He is extremely proficient with a sniper rifle and other projectiles, and is “fairly good with a knife”.

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He stops counting during season three, however resumes during season 4. In season four, he’s out of Murphy’s control, grows a beard and lives in a tent on the highest of a giant tree with Red. In Season 5, his right hand is bitten by zombies and Red cuts it off. Kaya is first encountered within the second episode of season three, “A New Mission”.

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  • Cassandra is a survivor of the preliminary zombie apocalypse.
  • His wife and daughter became zombies during their funeral, and Vasquez seeks revenge on Escorpion.
  • In season 2, she is a baby, however ages quickly when she will get excited because of the virus she acquired from her father.

He and Kaya kind a relationship, which leads to her becoming pregnant. He leaves in a plane and meets the survivor group in individual to inform them that Lucy had been kidnapped by The Man, however later returns. third season could be preceded by a TV film, set previous to the climax of season 2 and introducing central characters for the third season. However, the film was as an alternative offered as the primary two episodes of the season, the 2-half “No Mercy”. Coupert searches the web for promo codes to help you save money and time. And ordering 2 on the same time has extra weight, so transport was different.

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He falls off a cliff when he pursues Addy, Lucy and The Man in the season 3 finale. Red hopes he’s nonetheless alive somewhere, whereas 10K believes he’s useless. Sgt. Garnett was with the National Guard, based out of Georgia, previous to the ZN1 outbreak. He is a former member of the Blue Sky camp in New York earlier than taking over the task of transporting Murphy. He is the chief of the Westward-bound survivor group till his demise.

Although not an actual medical doctor, he turns into the group’s de facto medic as a result of his medical data, which he acquired from watching ER. With his restricted data, he is ready to deal with the injured members of the group and other survivors they meet alongside the best way. He is a former member of the Blue Sky camp in New York, along with Warren, Addy, and Mack.