How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Add tags to your screenshots by tapping the hashtag icon within the Smart capture menu. Suggested tags will seem, however you possibly can create your personal as nicely. If you miss those buttons, the screenshot may even be saved in the notification shade, where you can increase and faucet the options to edit, share or delete it.

Simply press a preferred app to ship the screenshot and share it just like any other picture. If not one of the above points is the issue, attempt an alternate methodology for capturing a screenshot. The major methods are pressing a mixture of keys on the device, using the swipe operate, or using Google Assistant.

If you wish to edit the screenshot proper after it is captured, you’ll be able to faucet the underside options to attract, crop or share it instantly. On your computer, click the cellphone icon in the upper-left section to pick your Android. On the Android, put together the second you need to seize. Repeat the method for additional screenshots as needed.

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Press the “Windows” key to display the Start screen, type “on-screen keyboard” and then click “On-Screen Keyboard” in the results list to launch the utility. Press the “PrtScn” button to capture the screen and store the image in the clipboard. Paste the image into an image editor by pressing “Ctrl-V” and then save it.

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You’ll now be able to see the screenshot within the Gallery app, or in Samsung’s constructed-in “My Files” file browser, or in Google Photos, should you use that instead. The last choice to take a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 10 is to ask Bixby.

Google’s Android operating system and screenshots have at all times had a weird relationship. In its infancy, Android didn’t even allow customers to take screenshots without first rooting the system. But after it was added Google has kind of left the process alone. Solving the problem of taking screenshots with whacky key mixtures, this screenshot is designed to keep things easy to the core. You will have the ability to see the screenshot animation, together with a bunch of sharing options instantly beneath the screenshot.

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