How to Roll a Joint

If you are wondering how to roll a joint, there are a few easy tips to keep in mind. This is something that everyone who is looking to smoke marijuana will probably want to do so, but the question is how to roll a joint correctly. It’s very simple and safe, just place one end of the joint in your mouth and roll it into a cigar. This should be done with care though because if it comes out during a puff it can be very harmful.

Rolling a joint isn’t much different than rolling a cigarette. If you’ve ever tried to roll a cigarette then you know that you have to use a cigarette lighter for this. One common mistake that people make is that they put the lighter on top of the joint before they begin rolling it. This will cause a fire and the smoke can come pouring out of the end that is still warm.

To avoid all of these problems you must place the lighter on the end of the joint. To be safe you should always use a small flame when you are rolling a joint so that the smoke does not come out and the flames do not touch the joint. The safest way to roll a joint is to hold the tip in your mouth and slowly rotate it into a cigar-like shape. This is probably the best way to roll a joint.